ATLANTA, Georgia


The train doors opened on Atlanta’s MARTA* and we could barely squeeze in—not due to over-crowding but  due entirely to our over-packing!  What were we thinking when departing Edmonton, Alberta for a few weeks in the States to attend investment seminars and workshops? Why had we lugged a mountain of stuff with us remains unanswerable. It definitely was not conducive to inner-city mobility (or any mobility for that matter).

I made my way to a seat, surrounding myself with 3 suitcases on the floor plus 1 flanking me on each side. Craning my neck to the right I glimpsed over the baggage to see my husband. He stood balanced in a doorway alcove clutching 2 large duffel bags, attempting to look nonchalant while a group of local fellows (i.e. some scary looking dudes) eyed us.

Feeling protected by my wall of baggage I scanned the train car, swallowing hard at the prospect of getting mugged. We were the only 2 passengers looking entirely out of their element, having ‘vulnerable tourist’ written all over us!

Arriving at our stop–fumbling, shuffling, dragging our bags, we emerged from the train without incident! Our fellow passengers actually appeared more bewildered than anything else…maybe it was their 1st encounter with aliens suffering from ‘kitchen sink packing disorder’!

Note: No photos accompany this tale. Cameras were inaccessible as all available hands were occupied with baggage!!!

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* MARTA – Metropolitan Atlanta Rapid Transit Authority