Train journey from Kuala Lumpur to Butterworth Station on way to Penang.


View from northbound train


Typical small town train station

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Disembarked at Butterworth Station, then took the ferry to the island of Penang. One of the most popular sites is the sprawling grounds and numerous buildings at Temple Kek Lok Si. Walked up the hill under the covered canopy of market stalls and vendors. Chose to walk back down the hill on a side street where we were stalked by an unfortunate hairless, tic-infested dog. Funny how the sad critter remains more memorable than the neighborhood surrounds.


Temple Kek Lok Si


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This was our base location while on the island of Penang.


Malacca Strait viewed from bridge over highway at Batu Ferengghi

Our hotel was pleasant in all respects; adjusting to the humid climate was easier than the culinary selections!  see traveltoon ‘Penang – Just Desserts‘ post



A hotel set into cliff


 A short bus journey from our hotel at Ferengghi Beach was a large, lush garden brimming with exotic plants, insects, reptiles and of course butterflies.


Butterfly Farm


Hibiscus laid out to attract the butterflies

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Nearby town Teluk Bahang, Penang