Playa’s beach ‘gate’



Downtown beach



Short distance from downtown, this beach had a great surprise…



…ocean on 1 side + fresh water spring opposite!





While enjoying a restful stay in Playa del Carmen, we took a day trip to Punta Allen (which is a whole other story) which resulted in our old Subaru needing repairs—wheel bearings, brake drums, etc. Due to car’s age (and lack of Subaru’s in Mexico) parts had to be ordered from the U.S. which took a week to arrive. As one repair was done, another problem was discovered..and so on..and so on…adding up to weeks, most of it waiting for parts, until the car was road worthy again. The hotel staff were great!

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CityExpress 2014 picresize

3 years for them…few weeks for us!

Our lengthy stay in a hotel room needed to be upgraded with more amenities. Naturally wanting beachfront, or as close as possible, was found to be either expensive or over-crowded and noisy. Opted for a 2nd floor apartment in a small gated complex with pool, close to shopping, but 7 km uptown from the beach! A peculiar odor was noted upon entry but dismissed by rental agent as stale air from apartment being closed for a while. The odor did not disappear after a few days, and actually worsened. Turned out to be gas escaping from the stove line! 

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