The searing heat was too much for our rental car’s air conditioner—it quit!  Best keep moving—a hot breeze is better than no breeze and Adelaide was only 2 sweltering hours away! 

Unaccustomed to the intense dry heat, as if a hot oven had enveloped your whole body,  but no worries, this was Australia and we were thrilled to be there.

A/C quit!



Glad it was only A/C…wouldn’t last long walking here!

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A favorite to visit in any city…Botanic Gardens! This is the most amazing glasshouse we’ve encountered.




Adelaide’s heat was extreme for us ‘newbies’ so heading to a beach was necessitated. Arriving at a beautiful beach, the parking lot was filled with vehicles but the white sand was devoid of people, gear or even a towel! We parked and started across the sand, heading straight for the water. Several steps onward the white-hot sand overwhelmed our feet—even thru’ flip-flops! Backtracking we entered the nearest large building and found the missing beach folk sipping drinks and playing ‘pokies’ in heavenly air-conditioned bliss! We joined them and by-passed beach bathing that day.

A bit south of Adelaide

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Huge swath of agricultural, much of it devoted to grapes and of course wine production. The wineries are open to tours and tasting!

Barossa Valley – Wine Country








Heritage wine cellar





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Grapes everywhere – even on motel grounds!


A bird…or more grapes?


Stopped to view this marvelous fence being constructed (and read a real estate billboard).


A brief lesson to a fast learner!

After a warning from our motel host in Goolwa, S.A. that a big ‘brown’ was seen on the path, it was a careful walk indeed to the beach that day. Grateful we didn’t meet the big brown snake—deadliest of Australian snakes we were told.

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