Lived in Puerto Progreso, Yucatan, Mexico for 3 years. Many X-pats choose this town for the friendly, laid-back style. 


Shorefront roundabout



Lighthouse curtains are manually opened/closed every morning/evening!



Shorefront showers & shops



7 kilometer pier



Octopus fishing rigs





Home delivery


Totally kidding with this photo!  Dental care really is excellent.


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Renovating our house in Progreso was a unique experience, including a big learning curve and leap of faith! 



Electrical—definitely not touching it!

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THE TERRACE (before)

Fair skinned, ginger-haired people don’t tolerate sunlight well, even for short periods of time. Fast-forward several hours of laying tile in the Mexican sun with zero amount of sunscreen lotion or hydration, nor wearing a hat. Those factors resulted in a severe case of sunstroke for one particular (stubborn) redhead.



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The sweat (and sunstroke) from tiling the terrace resulted in a great place to play the didgeridoo he brought from Australia…sounds exactly the same here in Progreso…and even better outdoors!


The ‘didge’ sounds much better outdoors!

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When interior renovations were completed, exterior painting was next project. Our house was on a busy main street, fronting directly onto the sidewalk. Preparing the windows’ metal bars for painting involved scraping old paint off first. While doing this tedious job, several passers-by had asked my husband for money. Once, instead of saying ‘no’, he handed his scraping tool to a man, saying “sure—-you work, I give you pesos”. The man ran away so fast, he almost fell over! Word must have gotten out because after that, no requests for pesos were made while exterior work was in progress!

Hiring workers to come on specified days wasn’t always dependable. Painting the exterior of our house was an example….see traveltoon ‘Progreso, Mex – Time’


Painting the carport…alone


Of the many new sights and sounds experienced living in Mexico, the various uses for rocks are included.

Home delivery of rocks in Progreso

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Transport in the town varied—tricycles, taxis, collectivo’s/combo’s (vans) horse-cart, moto’s, cars and trucks of all vintage or size, and large 1980’s buses, spewing diesel fumes, getting flat tires, breaking down completely…or simply having parts fall off in transit!  

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